Online contributions on Disability Inclusion Good Practices after Sendai

Steffen Helbing

My name is Steffen Helbing. I am from Germany and I am deaf. I am politician. Furthermore, I manage the Centre for Culture and visual Communication of the Deaf in Berlin & Brandenburg (ZFK) and I am the Director of the Association of Deaf people in Berlin & Brandenburg.

As we all know the Sendai Agreement shall be implemented until 2030.

For that reason I would like to present to you a project that we have created in the ZFK: the name of project is "Jerome".

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) estimates that there are about 70 million deaf people worldwide who use sign language as their first language or mother tongue.

People with hearing impairments may be deaf, hard of hearing or late-deafened. However, they have one thing in common: they need aids and assistance in order to communicate.

The project Jerome consists of 4 different main points:

Application no 1: Emergency calls

We have a solution for barrier-free and quick emergency calls - according to the requests.

It's an app (its system has a patent already) and it is suitable for deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, blind and people with disabilites - as well as hearing people.

This app can be an important step towards inclusion.

How does the app work? Only with a push of a button.

All information is already there:

1) Emergency call
2) Early warning
3) Videos with sign language interpreters
4) Weather data (e. g. in the case of a flood)
5) Health etc.

The system works without any communication. You only have to push the button. There is a direct connection to the police, the fire brigade and the rescue service. In an emergency situation you will be easily located through wireless network.

The app is applicable worldwide.

Application no 2: Information

- such as barrier-free homepages or films
We have the technology and the staff - according to the requests. Applicability worldwide.

Application no 3: Prevention

- such as disaster - provisions/prevention, fire and accident prevention, etc.
We have the interpreters and the competence for the implementation - according to the requests. Applicability worldwide.

Application no 4: Sustainability

The basic idea of sustainability is to provide a benefit for everybody and for all time, also beyond the period of the project.

This can be achieved by various negotiations with authorities and sponsors so to ensure a long-term funding.

We have the staff!

I am very happy to be here and I would love to change opinions with you. Now it is important to work together and that deaf people and people with disabilities will be considered in the discussions.

Please let me know if my support is needed.

Sorry for my long speech. Please write me an email. Thank you.