Each life stage
  • Family
  • School
  • Community
  • Employer/Company
Repeated troubles with human relations and failures
The process of gradual isolation from society(conclusion)
  Personality Situation Several problems in the family
Process Process Multiple disabilities among family members

Misunderstood by people
Cycle Cause trouble No self-confidence Failure
Take action.
River of solitudeü╦
  Rejected by others Fear of getting into the society Loose cycle

Desire to participate in the society Isolation from Family
Gradually lose the strength to stay connected to the society   A river that is difficult to cross back once crossed   Can turn into a worst-case scenario without possibility of a reversal
No place to belong to Voluntarily stay away/avoid people
Valley of giving up
  Under-employment Stay at home/in room Refuses to go to school Further become distant from society
Poverty Suicide Solitary death Worst-case scenario