Theme: Sustainable Social Development and Economic Growth through Community-based Inclusive Development (CBID)

The Congress organized by the Government of Mongolia, through the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and CBR Asia-Pacific Network in collaboration with JICA/DPUB, Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD), Leonard Cheshire Disability, CBM International, Italian Association Amici di Raoul Follereau (AIFO), UNESCAP and other partners.

Concurrent session A

Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Concurrent session B

Inclusive Social development and Collaboration

Concurrent session C

Good Practice, Evidence and innovation in CBID in the Era of the SDGs


APPRECIATION                                                                                7

Session A

Significant outcomes of project for ASEAN hometown improvement through disability-inclusive            

community model                                                                                8

Independent living movement in Mongolia                                                          10

DET forum Mongolia                                                                            11

Making Society More Inclusive with People with Disabilities Playing the Key Role —

A Search for an Empowering and Sustainable Business Model in Japan                                  13

"Self help groups are taking initiatives to include people with disabilities in

different income generation activities"                                                              15

Village Savings and loan groups - A socio-economic empowerment tool for

persons with disabilities                                                                          17

Dignity Promotion and Economic Empowerment through the 60 Plus Project                           19

The influencing factors to the employment issue of the persons with

disabilities of Mongolia                                                                           22

Empowerment as a foundation for Inclusive Development                                             24

Promoting employment for persons with disabilities in

Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar                                                         26

Deaf issue                                                                                      28

Hurdles to access healthcare, education, employment of

persons with disabilities far from over                                                              29

session B

Disability inclusive local level development planning and implementation process                        31

Promoting empowerment of persons with disabilities through emancipatory research                     33

PROJECT HABI : Weaving societal strengths for the

habilitation of children with disability in an urban,

low-resource community in Malate, Manila                                                         34

Disability Inclusive Primary Health Care to Ensure Universal Health Coverage

through Government and Non-government Organization Collaboration:

Bangladesh Experience                                                                           35

Achievements cooperation between

Mongolian government and con-government organizations                                            37

Significance of “resource room” in establishing inclusive values in

Mongolia Perspectives of case pupils, parents/guardians,

teachers, and university students                                                                   40

Contribution of Self Help Group towards achieving SDG                                              42

Empowerment in the CBR curriculum: Towards Community - based

Inclusive Development                                                                           44

Save the Children I’s Project to Promote Inclusive Education for

Every Last Child in Urban and Rural Primary Schools and Learning Centers in Mongolia                  46

Early identification and interventions System as a strategy to promote

Inclusive Development: Mongolia’s Experience                                                      48

Multi- sectoral collaboration in CBID                                                              50

Including Persons With Disabilities in Participatory Training as a Strategy to

Promote Inclusive Society                                                                        52

Empowerment of Person with Disability through Disabled People’s Organization                        54

Best practice in Mongolian National University of

medical science (MNUMS)                                                                       56

Barriers faced by Persons with disabilities in the Ger districts of Ulaanbaatar                            58

Seoul Community Rehabilitation Center Experiences of Community Based

Inclusive Support for Health, Social and Empowerment as a small and

medium district model                                                                           59

The Social Impact of the CBID training program

developed and implemented in Japan                                                              61

Enabling personal and social life of adolescent girls with

disabilities of their sexual and reproductive health right & issues

in their community                                                                              63

Empowerment of Disabled People’s Organizations and their

participation in mainstream socio-economic development                                             65

An evaluation on Social services delivery to PwDs and their accessibilities to the

service environment                                                                             67

The evolution of CBID system and the influence of evidence based CBR

practice in rural communities of Kayin State, Myanmar                                               69

Engaging the local government units for Inclusion of children and youth with disability                    71

Session C

Home based rehabilitation for people with stroke and

spinal cord injury of Han-Elul district                                                               73

"Leave no one behind" home care service for the

severe disabled people of Orhon aimag                                                             74

Practicing CBID as an approach for effective participation and

engagement of persons with disabilities in disaster risk reduction in Bangladesh                          75

Improving the Accessibility of TVET Schools in Mongolia – Introduction of a

mobile application to improve existing accessibility assessment practices                                77

The CBID Approach in the East Region of Madagascar                                               79

Inclusive strategy for consolidating information on disability issues:

Practical case study of the white paper in Mongolia                                                   81

Strengthening of DPOs in CBID                                                                   83

Community Based Mental Health for inclusion of person with mental health problem                     84

Istikomah, a caregiver and good practice in

Human Resource Rehabilitation (RBM) for persons with

psychosocial disabilities at Kulonprogo Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta                                    86

Inclusive Humanitarian Actions in Bangladesh in the light of CBID and

DID standards and quality criteria                                                                 88

Can we meet alternative social system through CBID?

A research on Rural life of Karen state, Myanmar                                                    90

Realizing the Right to Participation of Children with Disabilities (CWD)

The NORFIL Foundation Experience                                                              92

Promotion of Inclusive Education for Children with disabilities in

remote areas of Mongolia                                                                         94

CBID to ensure the rights of Persons with Mental health and

psychosocial disability in Nepal                                                                    96

Learnings from Emancipatory Disability Research (EDR) experiences in Asia                            98

The Pacific Way to Inclusive Development: Mapping CBR Practice in the Pacific                         99

Evolution of Mongolia CBR program                                                              101

"Tori fiesta" Behavioral approach for expanding network of NGO in Japan                              103

The level of implementation of the guidance

"Community based rehabilitation approach for the people with disabilities”

within Family Health Centers in Ulaanbaatar                                                       105

Community engagement in Inclusive Education                                                     106

Description of government-delivered community

mental health services in the Philippines                                                           108

Community-Based inclusive Development by the Disability Service Center of

Mettapracharak Hospital, Thailand                                                               109

The 4th Asia-Pacific Community-Based Inclusive Development (CB1D) Congress 2019                 110