CBR & Inclusive Development in Asia and the Pacific


It is truly an honour to write the forward for this book. This book brings together highlights from the 1st Asia-Pacific CBR Congress which was held in Bangkok on 18th-20th February, 2009. This landmark Congress brought together Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) practitioners, policy makers, representatives of disabled persons' organizations and most importantly, persons with disability from all over the Asia-Pacific region. Our gratitude goes to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific(UNESCAP) who made this Congress possible and also our special thanks goes to all the supporting organizations, too numerous to mention.

The Congress gave us many, very unique experiences of what people are doing to create more and new possibilities for persons with disability in the region. And importantly, this is being done in ways that develop the different communities for everyone's benefit. It was wonderful meeting so many people from across the spectrum, ranging from academia to grass roots activity. There was much delight in seeing the work others were doing in making a difference, and many friendships were made.

An important outcome of the Congress was the formation of the CBR Asia-Pacific Network which will continue to promote CBR activity and research. This Network will also be responsible for promoting future Congresses.

This book has a main theme of applying the CBR strategy to promote and action, inclusive development. It covers broad areas from research, assistive technology, women with disabilities to rights as declared by the United Nations. Clearly, not all the areas that were covered at the Congress could be covered in a single book. But I believe there will be something of interest for everyone, in this book.

I am very happy that we now have a book that will not only stimulate delightful memories of the 1st Congress but which also will stimulate more inspiring thoughts and actions for the readers and the many people around the world involved with CBR work.


Forewords                            5

Acronyms Used                       7

Editorial                             10

Chapter 1                            14

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and Community-based Rehabilitation

Akiko Ito

Chapter 2                            26

Instruments for Change: CRPD, Biwako Millennium Framework for Action (BMF), Biwako plus five, and The Millennlium Development Goals

Aiko Akiyama

Chapter 3                            34

CBR Matrix-A Framework for Disability Inclusive Development

Karen Heinicke-Motsch

Chapter 4                           45

Partnership and Alliance Building in CBR

Maya Thomas, Kenji Kuno, Kasem Nazmdeh, Michael Davies, Yukiko Kumazawa, Venus Ilagan

Chapter 5                           55

CBR and Disabled Persons' Organizations

Ghulam Nabi Nizamani, Maya Thomas

Chapter 6                           65

CBR Networks

Somchai Rungsilp, Sally Hartley, Razi Khan Hamdard, Katherine al Jubeh, lndumathi Rao

Chapter 7                           76

Self-Help Groups and CBR

Emi Aizawa, Phengmany Phangphomkong, Bounpheng Thammavongsa, Pisamai Malila, Nipon Sedtha, Diana Hiscock

Chapter 8                           86

Role of Women with Disability in CBR

Abia Akram, Bishnu Maya Dhungana, Lyazzat Kaltayeva, Prayat Punong-ong

Chapter 9                           92

Research and Evidence-based Practice in CBR

Johan P. Velema, Bassey Ebenso, Sally Hartley, Djenana Jalovcic, Pim Kuipers, Veronica Ester Mendoza

Chapter 10                         103

Capacity Building in CBR

Barney McGiade

Chapter 11                         132

CBR and Accessibility

Noriko Saito Fort

Chapter 12                         155

CBR: Medical Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology

Wachara Riewpaiboon, Claudie Ung, Ray Mines, Ritu Ghosh, Jehanzeb Aurakzai, Daranee Suvapun

Chapter 13                         166

CBR and Mental Health

D.M. Naidu

Chapter 14                         175

CBR and Leprosy

Angelika Piefer

Acknowledgment                   200

Appendix                          210

Bangkok Commitment