Community Based Rehabilitation:Worldwide Applications Visions and Resources for the 21st Century


This project, Community Based Rehabilitation: Worldwide Applications, has been carried out by Rehabilitation International with the support of the United Nations. This Resource kit consists of:

1) a video compilation of clips from selected CBR films & videos concentrating on early intervention, integration and attitude change; and

2) this booklet, containing: a viewer's guide on how to use the video compilation; a series of vision statements by CBR specialists and practitioners; and a selected annotated bibliography of 80 books, periodicals, studies, videos

and training packages on CBR implementation.

A description of contributors to this Resource Kit appears on the inside back cover of this booklet.


Part 1—A Viewer's Guide                                                1

Part 2—Introduction to Vision Statements                                  7

Building Partnerships through CBR                                    9

CBR: Target for the 21st Century                                     13

CBR: Dynamic Concept Requiring Strategy,

Research and Vision                                           18

Empowerment of People with Disabilities:

Primary Goal of CBR                                          22

Part 3—A Selection of CBR Resources                                     25

A. Newsletters/Journals25

B. Selected Recent CBR Publications30

          Books                                                          30

         Manuals/Guides                                                 35

         Papers                                                          37

         United Nations Publications                                       39

C. Video Training Packages                                          42

D. Additional Resources                                              44