Selected Readings In Community-Based Rehabilitation Series 1 CBR In Transition


The Selected Readings goes a long way to addressing that gap. The ten chapters cover basic concepts as well as outlining good practice and research activity. This is a much needed book and will be of value to all those working in the CBR field across the world. I hope the book will not only encourage those already working in the field but will also encourage governments, NGOs and local communities to develop programmes where none exist. It is an excellent book and I hope it has the impact that it deserves.


Foreword                                                                                 v

The Role of NGOs in the Process of Empowerment and Social Transformation                     1

of People with Disabilities

Raymond Lang

Disability and Culture                                                                      21

Peter Coleridge

Community Participation: Uncovering its Meanings in CBR                                     39

William Boyce, Catherine Lysack

CBR Action Research : Current Status and Future Trends                                       55

Penny Price, Pim Kuipers

Developing CBR Through Evaluation                                                        69

William Boyce, Sandra Ballantyne

A Discussion of Some Critical Aspects in Planning of Community Based Rehabilitation             84

Maya Thomas, M.J. Thomas

Training of CBR Personnel                                                                 96

Sheila Win

Preparing Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists for Community Based Rehabilitation     109

Robyn L Twible, Elizabeth C. Henley

Current Status of CBR in Africa: A Review                                                   127

Geert Vanneste

Community Based Rehabilitation in China: A Commentary                                    136

Sheila Purves