[Assistive Devices] Exhibition of photographs taken by laser retinal projection technology

QD Laser Co., Inc., a company based in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, has been delivering new semiconductor laser-based solutions to customers. The company held an exhibition of photographs taken by their laser retinal projection technology for low vision people.

 Name of the exhibition: With My Eyes

 Date: 21st December 2020 to early January 2021

 Venue: Zoff Harajuku Store, Tokyo Japan

Laser retinal projection is a new technology that draws an image directly on the retina of people with low vision with a weak laser light beam through their pupils. Specially designed optics using this technology allow people who have a disorder in their lens to view images without using their eye’s focus adjustment function. The user can take clear photographs by attaching the device to their camera. This exhibition was the initial leg of the project “With My Eyes,” which is set up to turn the “difficult to see” of 250 million low vision people in the world to “visible” in collaboration with 6 companies such as Mitsui & Co., Intermestic, and J-Air. You can watch a documentary movie of photo shoots using the device. Please visit the following link for more details (Japanese Only): https://www.qdlaser.com/news/610/

QD Laser