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International Seminar

The CSUN - Technology and Persons with Disabilities conference

The CSUN Conference is held annually by the Center on Disabilities.

International Forum on Independent Living

5th Anniversary Seminar of JANNET (Japan NGO Network on Disabilities [JANNET])

TIDE - July 1998 -

The TIDE Congress, Technology for Inclusive Design and Equality Following Brussels in 1993 and Paris in 1995,the 3rd TIDE congress took place in Helsinki , in acknowledgement of the great contribution and commitment of Finland to the AT field and to TIDE in particular . TIDE (Technology Initiative for the integration of Disabled and Elderly people) not only has contributed to the social objectives of enhancing independent living and social integration through technological applications, but has also contributed to the creation of an important market in new products and services which meet the needs of older people and people with disabilities. But unfortunately it will not be held.

ISPO An Asian Prosthetics and Orthotics Workshop '98 in Japan Final Report


16th World Congress of Rehabilitation International

The 16th World Congress of Rehabilitation International was held in Tokyo from 5th to 9th September 1988.In all of the sixty years intervening between this and the 1st World Congress - at Geneva,Switzerland in 1929 - this is the first time that the World Congress has been held in Asia. Many Asian and Pacific countries had long wished for this to occur,and finally our hopes have been realized.Therefore,"the promotion of disability prevention and rehabilitation of disability in Asian and other developing countries" was a particularly relevant theme throughout the 16th World Congress. Consequently,we were greatly pleased that we could accordingly be hosts to the largest number of participants from developing countries,including those from Asia and the Pacific countries. This gave us the greatest pleasure.

Proceedings of 12th RESJA Annual Conference (Rehabilitation Engineering Society of Japan)