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TIDE - July 1998 - Alphabetical Listing of Presentations

Web Posted on: September 12, 1998

The following are the papers for the TIDE 1998 Conference. The Conference was held in Helsinki in July of 1998. The full set of papers from the Conference are still in preparation for posting to the Web, these represent the ones completed to date.

Opening Speeches TIDE 1998

  1. Research and Development in Assistive Technology in Europe
    (Pier Luigi Emiliani)
  2. Disability's New Paradigm:Implications for Assistive Technology and Universal Design
    (Katherine D. Seelman)
  3. Research and Development of Assistive Technologies in Japan
    (Shigeru Yamauchi, Tadashi Satoh)

Keynote Speeches

  1. EZ Access Strategies for Cross-Disability Access to Kiosks, Telephones, and VCRs
    (Greg Vanderheiden, Chris Law)
  2. The Inclusion of Disabled People Into the Information Society;
    (Bass Treffers)
  3. Assistive Technology Research and Technological Development
    (Professor Alan F. Newell, F. R. S. E)

Alphabetical Listing of Papers

  1. A Case for Professional Organizations to Take Special Interest in the Area of Disability
    (Dr. Geoff Busby, MBE)
  2. Accessibility of Information / Transaction Machines (ITMs):results of a research project by the Trace R&D Center
    (Chris Law, Greg Vanderheiden)
  3. A Dutch Version of QUEST (D-QUEST) Applied as a Routine Follow-up Within the Service Delivery Process
    ( R. D. Wessels, L. P. de Witte, R. Weiss-Lambrou, L. Demers, G. Wijlhuizen)
  4. A Multimedia System for Home-based Delivery of Language Therapy
    (Alison Crerar)
  5. ACTION Assisting Carers Using Telematics Interventions to Meet Older persons' Needs
    (L. Magnusson, H. Berthold, L. Brito, M. Chambers, D. Emery, T. Daly)
  6. Activity Theory as a Basis of Design for All
    (Hannele Hypponen)
  7. An HTML Interface for visually handicapped people
    (Djamel HADJADJ, Abdellah BOUZIDI, Dominique BURGER)
  8. An Orientation and Information System for Blind People Based on RF-Speech-Beacons
    (Martin Kemmerling, Hans-Jurgen Schliepkorte)
  9. A "smart" Model House as Research and Demonstation Tool for Telematics
    (Development Ad van Berlo)
  10. An Investigation of the User Needs for Screen-based Telephony for People with Visual Impairments
    (Valerie Johnson and Helen Petrie)
  11. An Object-Oriented Model for Assistive Technology Software Development
    (Paul Tippell, Jim O'Regan, Philippa Hardy. Andrew Lysley, Mieke van de Sandt)
  12. An Observation Method of Internet Electronic Documents Accessibility
    (Bernard Oriola, Nadine Vigouroux, Phillippe Truillet, Frank Lacan)
  13. An Open System Architecture for a Multimedia and Multimodal User Interface
    (Dr. Jiang Shao, Mr. Nour-Eddine Tazine, Dr. Lori Lamel, Dr. Bernard Prouts, Mr. Sven Schroter)
  14. ARIADENE-Exploiting a New Generation of Intelligent Buildings
    (G. T. Foster, D. E. N. Wenn, J. P. N. Glover)
  15. Assisted Interactive Dwelling HOUSE
    (Steve Bonner)
  16. Assistive Technology Education for End-users: The Eustat Perspective
    (Renzo Andrich, Serenella Besio)
  17. Assistive technology - the older people's perspective
    (Christine Marking)
  18. Automated Production of a Daily Electronic Newspaper: Exploitation Results
    (Geert Bromans, Jan Engelen)
  19. Automatic Doors and Windows - An Assessment of Improvemens in Home Living
    (Stephen Garvin)
  20. Biosignals for Control of Graphic User Interfaces
    (Heide_Rose Vatterrott, Sybille Hambach, Oliver Hein, Thomas Heider)
  21. Clinical Experience with an Intelligent Prosthetic Hand
    (Peter J. Kyberd, Mervyn Evans)
  22. Commercial Design For All (DFA)
    (ir. Henk T. J. Janssen, ir. Herman van der Vegt)
  23. Computers Help Children with Mental Retardation
    (Stefano Vicari, Edoado Chiodi, Alessandro Cecconi, Giancarlo Ruscitti)
  24. Comspec, a Java Based Development Environment for Communication Aids
    (Mats Lundalv, Doeko Hekstra, Erlend Stav)
  25. Cost-Utility Analysis of Assistive Technology - Report of the CERTAIN Project
    (Jan Persson, Hakan Broden, Oivind Lorensten, Karl-Gerhard Hem, Renzo Andrich, Massimo Ferrario, Taeke van Beekum, Wija Oortwijn)
  26. Culture for Everyone - in the Footsteps of Frida Kahlo
    (Lis Klöve, Margita Lundman and Ingemar Oderstedt)
  27. Design for a Life Support Computer Network for Aged People
    (Shuichi Kato, Shoichi Takeda, Koki Toriumi, Masayoshi Noguchi)
  28. Design for All in the TIDE ACCESS Project
    ( Constantine Stephanidid, Poer Luigi Emiliani)
  29. Developing an Adaptive Learning Environment for the Disabled
    (Jaakko Kurhila, Erkki Sutinen, Sampo Jokinen, Ran Nyman, Pasi Vaisanen)
  30. Development and Adaptions in Industrial Work for People with Intellectual Disabilities
    (Susanne Barkvik and Pia Mårtensson)
  31. Development of the Mobile Robot System to Aid the Daily life for the Physically Handicapped (Interface using internet browser)
    (Yoshiyuki Takahashi, Takashi Komeda, Tateki Uchida, Masao Miyagi, Hiroyuki Koyama, Hiroyasu Funakubo)
  32. Economic Aspects of Flexible Braille Production Using Present-day Electronics, Mechanics and Software
    (Guido Francois)
  33. EFESTO: A Public/Private Interdisciplanry Project for the Development of A. T. Related Rehabilitation Services
    (Massimo I . Campo, Lucia Guderzo, Angelo Ferro)
  34. Elderly on Internet: 2 years of Experience with Special Courses and Design Course Material
    (Ad van Berlo)
  35. Equality Service, Accessible for All Citizens, in Particular Elderly and Disabled
    (Ms. Susanne Ng-A-Tham)
  36. Establishing initial user requirements for PAM-AID: a mobility and support device to assist frail and elderly visually impaired persons
    (Anne-Marie O'Neill and Helen Petrie)
  37. Evaluating Assistive Technology Prototypes: Laboratory or Real Life Contexts?
    (Anna-Liisa Salminen and Helen Petrie)
  38. Evaluation of an Orientation and Navigation Aid for Visually Impaired Travellers
    ( Thomas Strothotte, Valerie Johnson and Helen Petrie, Graeme Douglas)
  39. Evaluation of the OSCAR Hand Held two-channel Vibro-Tactile Speech Communication Aid for the Deaf
    (Karl-Erik Spens. Eva Agelfors, Ulla Lignell)
  40. Experiences of User Involvement in Development and Services Concerning IT based AAC Aids
    (Mats Lundalv)
  41. FORTUNE - Support to user oriented R&D
    (Christian Buhler)
  42. Good Practices of Design for all in Two Case Studies
    ( Ad can Berlo)
  43. Improving Access to Computers for Blind and Visually Imapired Persons - The Development of a Test for Usability
    (Stig Becker, Dan Lundman)
  44. Improving Mobility and Independence for Elderly, Blind and Visually Impaired People
    (Julian Hine, Amir Nooralahyan)
  45. Increasing the IMPACT of Assistive Technology
    (Jan Steyaert)
  46. ICAN, Integrated Communication and Control for All Needs
    ( M. W. Nelisse, J. A. van Woerden)
  47. Independent Transport for Persons with Severe Multiple Disabilities
    (Karin Melén)
  48. Interactive Development of WWW Sites Based on Meta-data Collection
    (Filip Evenepoel, Keith Gladstone, Jan Engelen)
  49. INTERCHANGE:International friendship-links for adults with intellectual disability
    (John R Hegarty)
  50. Improving PC-Based Assistive Technology by Telematic Service Provision
    (Wolfgang L. Zagler, Paul Panek)
  51. Library Access for the Blind
    (Richard N Tucker & Mildred Theunisz)
  52. Man/Machine Interactions When Using an Arm Robot by People with Severe Disability
    (M. Mokhtari, N. Didi, B. Grandjean, A. Roby-Brami, I. Laffont)
  53. Modeling and Simulation in Gerontechnology
    (Jan A. M. Graafmans, Tom L. Harrington)
  54. Modular Integration of Home System Applications for the Disabled and Elderly People
    ( Dante Matteucci)
  55. Niche Product Design, a New Model for Assistive Technology
    (W. S. Harwin)
  56. PARTNER - A Semi-Autonomous Mobile Service Robot in a Wireless Network for Biomedical Applications
    ( Francesco Giuffrida, Pietro G. Morasso, Renato Zaccaria)
  57. Practical Environmental Controls Using New, Advanced, Low Cost Technology
    (Graham Manson)
  58. Preventing the Risk of Falling in Elderly Patients
    ( Pietro Morasso, Luigi Baratto, Roberto Capro, Gina Spada)
  59. Prospects for Enhanced Captioning Services for the Hearing Impaired
    ( P. A. M. E. Cromberg-Roben, L. Groeneweg-Bruckman, M. Partouns, M. Soede)
  60. Realising Potential: Two Complementary Views from the RSA, London
    (Sue Hewer and Lesley James)
  61. Remote Monitoring System to Measure Indoors Mobility and Transfer of the Elderly
    (M. Chan, H. Bocquet, E. Campo, J. Pous)
  62. SAFE 21 - New Social Alarm Services Via a Proven Infrastructure
    (Frank J. M. Vlaskamp)
  63. ScripTalker - An AAC System Incorporating Scripts
    ( Richard Dye, Norman Alm, John L. Arnott, Iaian R. Murray, Gillian Harper)
  64. Sensors to Improve the Safety for Wheelchair Users
    (Klaus Schilling, Hubert Roth, Robert Lieb, Hubert Stützle)
  65. "SmartBo"-- An ICT and Computer-based Demonstration Home for Disabled People
    (Gerhard Elger and Barbro Furugren)
  66. Spanish Standards on Software and Hardware Accessibility for Handicapped People
    (M. F. Cabrera, A. Candelas, F. Gonzalez, J. Mendosa, C. Montes, J. Romanach, M. Valles)
  67. Standardization of Audiological Tests in NATASHA
    (Hans Verschuure)
  68. Surmounting the Copyright Hurdle: the SEDODEL Project
    (Jan Engelem, Filip Evenpoel, Tom Wesley)
  69. Tactile Acoustic Computer Interaction System: A New Type of Graphic Access for the Blind
    (Blaithin Gallagher, Walter Frasch)
  70. Talkbox - A Voice Activated Environmental Controller
    (Thomas Davenport, Parmjit Chima, John Cotterill, Patrick Haywood)
  71. Technical volunteers work as a stage in developing market products
    (Daniel Barek)
  72. Technology, Policy and Disability: "A perspective from the user"
    (Manuel Labato)
  73. Technological Solutions to Autonomous Robot Control
    (Axel Graser)
  74. Telematics Support for Telematics Designers
    (Jan Ekberk)
  75. TetraNauta: A Wheelchair Controller for Users with Very Severe Mobility Restrictions
    (Anton Civit Balcells, Julio Abascal Gonzalez)
  76. The Development of RAIL
    (Robotic Aid to Independent Living) (Mike Topping, Helmut Heck, Gunnar Bolmsjo, David Weightman)
  77. The Information Society disAbilities Challenge (ISdAC): Paving the Way for the Active End-User
    (Carlos A. Velasco)
  78. The Liberty of Life Through Social Technology Project
    (Tuula Ikonen)
  79. The KommAS Communication Aid for Elderly People with Aphasia
    (Christian Bühler, Dirk Clemens, Helmut Heck, Rainer Wallbruch)
  80. The Mobile Rescue Phone Project (MORE/DE 3006)
    ( Jakka Maki, Gerhard Klause, Wolfgang L. Zagler)
  81. The Problem Phone: Simple Technology Assisting 24 hour Telephone Services for the Elderly
    ( Merja Ranta-aho, Ulla Jutila)
  82. The Public Swedish Video Relay Service-A Service in Line with the TIDE HEART Study Recommendations
    ( Gunnar Hellstrom)
  83. The Use of Remotely Triggered Talking Sign Systems by Blind and Partially Sighted People
    ( Gill Whitney)
  84. The Voice Project - Giving a VOICE to the Deaf by Developing Awareness of VOICE to Text Recognition
    (Guiliano Pirelli)
  85. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - Education and Outreach
    (David Dardailler)
  86. TIDE-ENABLE - The First Year
    (C. Bickley, R. Carlson, P. Cudd , S. Hunnicutt, and B. Reimers)
  87. Training Under Project APHRODITE
    (Gerard Craddock, Harry J. Murphy, Ed. D.)
  88. User Involvement in Gerontechnology: Early Stage User-Understanding to Empower Technology Development
    ( Jan Rietsema and Anne-Sophie Melenhorst)
  89. Universal Service - an Issue for All
    (Jan-Ingvar Lindström)
  90. Using the Internet in Project Management
    ( Alistair D. N. Edwards)
  91. Video Based Gesture Recognition for Augmentative Communication
    (Louise Clarke, Peter Harper, Richard B. Reilly
  92. What is Design for All
    (Jim S. Sandhu)
  93. Wheelchair Users Needs in Relation to Safe, Comfortable and Efficient Use of all Transportation Modes. The TRANSWHEEL (DE 3013) Approach
    ( Prof. A Naniopoulos, Dr. E. Bekiaris)