[Mobility Assistance] Voice Information Guidance App using coded Braille Blocks

On January 21st, 2021, Professor Kunio Matsui’s laboratory (Artificial intelligence), Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, launched the voice information guidance app "Walk & Mobile - Coded Braille Block Recognition App" using coded braille blocks.

This smartphone app provides spoken local information, such as travel information and tourist information, by reading coded braille blocks with a camera. Coded braille blocks are created by placing resin color on 25 points of braille blocks on the street. The pattern of the colored points is read by a smartphone camera and the corresponding information is displayed on the smartphone. According to the app developer, 134,217,728 types of information can be included per tile. In addition to giving directions to the users, the app can also provide information about museums and shops adjacent to the road. You can download it for free from the App Store. For more information, please visit the following link (Japanese only): https://www.kanazawa-it.ac.jp/kitnews/2021/0118_walk_and_mobile.html