[MLIT]  “Guidelines for Public Transportation Operators to Serve People with Dementia” Published

On February 24th, 2021, the MLIT published "Guidelines for Public Transportation Operators to Serve People with Dementia". Along with the "Hospitality Guidelines for Public Transportation Operators" published in May 2018, these are concrete guidelines for transportation companies to use in creating and revising their own manuals in order to ensure the convenience and safety of all passengers. Incorporation of the content of these guidelines for people with dementia into the personnel training in each company is desirable, though not obligatory. The contents of the guidelines are as follows:

Preface: Purpose and structure of the guidelines

1. Purpose of the guidelines

2. Basic structure of the guidelines

I. Basics of hospitality

1. Basic understanding of the situation of people with disabilities and senior citizens

2. Ideas and concepts to support people with disabilities and senior citizens

3. Understanding of the "social model of disability”

4. Basic concept of the "Framework for Promoting Dementia Care"

II. Basic correspondence

1. Understanding of the characteristics of the person in need of help and his/her challenges

2. Basic action to assist the person

3. Cooperation with people around, and construction of a network with local supporting organizations

III. Useful guidance by type of transportation

1. Trains

2. Buses

3. Taxis

4. Passenger ships

5. Aviation

IV. Response to emergencies and disasters

V. Construction of a system using PDCA to update knowledge regularly

For more information, please visit the following link (Japanese only). https://www.mlit.go.jp/sogoseisaku/barrierfree/sosei_barrierfree_tk_000257.html