[MHLW] First Certifications under the Monisu System Given to Three Companies

On October 21st, 2020, the MHLW issued the first certifications under the "Monisu Certification System".

The "Monisu Certification System" is run by the MHLW to certify small and medium-sized enterprises excelling in the employment of persons with disabilities, based on the Law for Employment Promotion etc. of the Disabled. It is hoped that the certified companies will be recognized as role models and the employment of persons with disabilities will be further promoted in their regions. The certified companies are allowed to display the "certification mark" on their merchandise / services / advertisements, and their names will be listed on the website of the MHLW. They are also qualified to receive low-interest loans from the Japan Finance Corporation. The system started in April 2020, and the following three companies have received the first certification.

Name of company


OKB Partners Co., Ltd. (Special subsidiary company)

Ogaki city, Gifu Prefecture

Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd. (Special subsidiary company)

Itano county, Tokushima Prefecture

Ritsuu Ltd.

Aizu Wakamatsu city, Fukushima Prefecture

For more information, please visit the following website (Japanese only). https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/newpage_14224.htm