[MEXT] School of Super Welfare@SHIBUYA ? A Forum Event Held

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September 2021, the NPO People Design Institute and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) co-organized the School of Super Welfare @ SHIBUYA: A Space for Learning That Connects People beyond Disability.

The School of Super Welfare is a forum event that aims to realize an inclusive society where people with and without disabilities can learn and live together. The event also aims to disseminate information including good practices such as concrete actions for inclusion and lifelong learning initiatives for people with disabilities, collected from all over Japan.

The event was started as one of the sessions carried out in two days on the weekend during the Super Welfare Expo since 2018, in which people with disabilities, support workers, educators, etc., presented their thoughts through symposiums and talk sessions and provided a place to learn from each other. The forum was then named “School of Super Welfare @SHIBUYA” and launched as one of the projects of “Post Super Welfare Expo” in 2021.

There were symposiums, such as:

[Disability x Family] Thinking about Lifelong Learning for People with Disabilities - What I Found Out About Spending Time with Families of Persons with an Intellectual Disability

[Disability x Work] A Unique Way of Working in SHIBUYA: Ultra-short-time Employment

[Disability x Technology] Social Participation Using Technology by Students of Special Needs Education School.

Also, [Online Cafe] Chatting with Art: An Artist's Perspective, and other events were held.

For more information, please visit the website below (Japanese).