[Cabinet Office] Smartphone Display of Self-Information on Intellectual Disability Certificate to be Available Soon by Linking to the Myna-portal Site

On 3 September 2021, Taro Kono, Minister for Special Missions of the Cabinet Office, announced at a press conference that the smartphone display of self-information on the intellectual disability certificate would be available ahead of schedule.

For the physical disability certificate and the mental disability certificate, the information on the certificate, which each municipality manages, has already been linked to the holder's My-number. Moreover, using a smartphone application provided by a private company makes it possible to verify the holder's identity as it is linked to the Myna-portal site. So, no need to present the certificate itself when required. However, this is not the case for people with intellectual disabilities due to the different management systems adopted to certify people with intellectual disabilities, which prefectural governments have issued. So, the linking to the Myna-portal sites has been delayed and was supposed to be addressed in June 2022.

Given the situation, a team directly under the Minister of State for Regulatory and Administrative Reform in the Cabinet Office requested the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to take action as soon as possible. As a result of coordination, it has been possible to bring this to February 2022. As a result, seven municipalities in Japan, including Osaka City and Kobe City, display the self-information on the Intellectual Disability Certificate on smartphones to be available from February 2022.

The rest of the municipalities will implement the system from June 2022 as planned.

For more information, please visit the website below (Japanese).