[Digital Agency] Results of Questionnaire on the GIGA School Program Published

On 3 September 2021, the Digital Agency published the results of a questionnaire survey on the GIGA (Global and Innovation Gateway for All) School Program.

The questionnaire consisted of 9 questions for educators on the GIGA School Program and 3 questions for students on Tablet Computers. It  was conducted from 1st to 31st July and a total of 42,333 responses were received for the former and 217,077 for the latter, making approximately 260,000 responses for both.

In the report, the results of the questionnaires are analyzed, and the government's views on the main opinions and good practices in schools are presented.

The following are some of the opinions relating children with disabilities

[From a student]

For students with disabilities, the government should provide a read-out function with a terminal to listen to the text repeatedly.

[The government's response]

In addition to tablets and PCs, we also provide various devices tailored to the needs of each student with disabilities, such as speech-to text software and braille displays etc. in order to create more effective leaning environments.

[From the education sector]

In the case of schools for special-needs education (SNE), it may be difficult to make students responsible for the management of the devices, and it may not be easy to let them take the devices home.

[The government's response]

It is difficult to give a general answer to how to manage the terminals, as it depends on the disability of the SNE school students, the parents' environment, and the school system. However, we believe it is essential to support each student with disabilities to use one device per student.

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