[MHLW] Towards the Review of the Revised Comprehensive Support for Persons with Disabilities Act - Interim Report Published

On December 16, 2021, the Sub-council on Persons of Disabilities under the Social Security Council published an interim report organizing matters for the review scheduled for three years after implementing the revised Comprehensive Support for Persons with Disabilities Act.

The Act for the Comprehensive Support of the Daily and Social Life of Persons with Disabilities (Comprehensive Support for Persons with Disabilities Act) was revised in 2016 and came into force in April 2018. The revised Act provides for its review approximately three years after enforcement, taking into account the state of implementation, while the MHLW shall take necessary measures based on the outcomes. Accordingly, the Sub-council has discussed relevant matters since March 2021 and has published the interim report in light of the coming review.

The matters are organized as follows:

  • As for  support for children with disabilities, the Committee pointed to a new direction regarding daycare support for children with disabilities and provided transition arrangements for overage children.
  • In light of the final report due in the middle of 2022, discussions will continue on the following:
  1. residential support for persons with disabilities,
  2. consultation support for persons with disabilities,
  3. employment support for persons with disabilities,
  4. support for persons with mental disabilities,
  5. ensuring and improving the quality of disability welfare services,
  6. ensuring the sustainability of the system,
  7. special exceptions for places of residency,
  8. support for older persons with disabilities,
  9. prevention of abuse against persons with disabilities,
  10. community living support programs,
  11. communication support, and
  12. the modality of the handbooks for persons with intellectual disabilities.

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