[MLIT] Study Meeting Held for the Development of Guidelines to Implement Specific Projects on Education and Awareness-raising

On December 1, 2021, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) held the first meeting of the Study Group for the Development of Guidelines to Implement Specific Projects on Education and Awareness-raising.

The Act on the Promotion of Smooth Transportation of Elderly Persons, Persons with Disabilities, and others (Barrier-Free Act), revised in May 2020, established new specific projects on Education and Awareness-raising in relation to the “barrier-free mindset” to be included in the basic concept set by municipalities as a project menu. Under the specific project, municipalities, and others are required to implement either of the following:

  • Project A of education in cooperation with schools: Projects related to the implementation of educational activities in cooperation with schools to deepen the understanding of pupils, students, or students on the promotion of smooth mobility. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology co-manages the project.
  • Project B for understanding, cooperation, and awareness-raising: Projects related to the implementation of awareness-raising activities necessary to promote the understanding of residents and other relevant persons regarding the promotion of smooth mobility or to ensure the cooperation of these persons in the implementation of smooth mobility.

As a reference manual is needed to help municipalities and other implementing bodies draw up an implementation plan and consider specific initiatives and methods, the MLIT formed the Study Group to draw up a manual.

The Study Group organizes specific implementation methods for municipalities and facility managers who implement specific educational and awareness-raising projects, aiming to spread pioneering efforts with barrier-free mindsets throughout Japan, and creates guidelines that will serve as a reference for reviewing the basic concept in municipalities. The Study Group is comprised of academic experts, organizations of persons with disabilities, public transport operators, and local governments.

The Study Group will collect and organize "barrier-free mindset" initiatives for two meetings, including hosting towns for inclusive societies in municipalities nationwide, and then compile guidelines in June 2022.

For more information, please visit the website below (Japanese only):